10 Hours Of Walking In NYC Woman Sues Google

Last October a video came out entitled "10 hours of walking in NYC as a woman" that had everyone on the internet either rushing to show support or to ridicule it as much as possible. Essentially it was this massive thing that was a source of both controversy and enlightenment that was also parodied multiple times (we at College Times actually did our own version- click here to see). The video saw a woman walk around the mean streets of the big apple with a hidden camera following her route and showcasing the, let's call them comments, made about her as she passed. They ranged from a semi pervy "hello" to a level 10 creeper following her down the street in the hopes that stalking would somehow lead to her sexing him. Regardless of what you think about the video, you can't deny how eye opening and influential it was. And no one is of this belief more than the star of the infamous video Shoshana B. Roberts.


Let me give you the low down; Shoshana was all like "hey brah cmon, that video got like 40 million views and you only payed me 200 hundred bucks? hell naw homie imma sue your ass". That was a completely real and genuine quote that I did not totally just make up. Anyway, she feels that her image and likeness was used for advertising purposes that she didn't sign off on and is now suing the director of the video, Youtube and Google amongst others. Shoshana's attorney is arguing that she didn't get paid a suitable amount for the viral video and the abuse that followed it and is now looking to claim 500,000 dollars. Now while I personally feel she deserves more than the 200 hundred bucks see was paid, realistically she's asking for a lot. Youtubers don't make that much money, and if they did I'd be like fuck this article writing shit and go become a vlogger. Papa need to make that guap. 

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