10 Reasons 'Someone Great' Is The Best Film On Netflix Right Now

10 Reasons 'Someone Great' Is The Best Film On Netflix Right Now

Every few years a movie comes along that shatters any preconceived expectations. 'Someone Great' is one such movie. This latest Netflix original film could be classified as a 'chick flick' but it's so much more, it celebrates female friendship and overcoming heartbreak. Someone Great tells the story of Jenny, played by Gina Rodriguez, who you may recognise as Jane from Jane the Virgin. Jenny is an aspiring music journalist and she has just landed her dream job at Rolling Stone, but there's a catch, she has to move to San Francisco for the job, leaving her boyfriend of nine years behind. Finding her way through this fresh heartbreak, Jenny enlists the help of her two best friends Blaire and Erin, played by Brittany Snow and DeWanda Wise. What is unleashed is a 90 minute long rollercoaster of emotions.

Here are 10 reasons why 'Someone Great' is the best film on Netflix right now.

1. The Female Friendships:

Hollywood's depiction of women has come under serious scrutiny in recent years and rightly so. Films like 'Bridewars' or 'My Best Friend's Wedding' spring to mind, where the plot centres around women being played off against each other. In Someone Great, the girls, who each have their own life dramas, come together to support their friend in need and in the best way you can support a newly single friend, by heading on the sesh.

2. The Public Breakdowns:

Jenny doesn't hold back on expressing herself and public break downs are a very real part of getting through her break up.

3. It's Relatable For Anyone Going Through A Break-Up:


For anyone going through a break-up, Someone Great is so relatable. You playback all the moments in your mind to see where it all went wrong and what you could have done differently.

4. The Soundtrack:

One of the best things about the film is its music references and the soundtrack. First of all, it is named after the song "Someone Great" from LCD Soundsystem. To reflect the film the soundtrack has a perfect balance of upbeat feel-good tunes to more melancholic post break-up songs. One of the highlights is Truth Hurts by Lizzo. You can listen for yourself on Spotify here.

5. The RuPaul Cameo:

There's a short cameo from RuPaul himself who plays the girl's drug dealer.

6. It's An Accurate Depiction Of 'Adulting':


Someone Great will strike a chord with people as it accurately shows real-life issues faced by people in their late '20s; breaking up with someone you've been with since college, making the choice of moving away for a job, embarking on a new relationship that terrifies you and opting for spending your Saturday morning at the farmers' market instead of nursing a hangover.

7. The One-Liners:

It's jam-packed with laugh out loud moments and hilarious one-liners.

8. A Diverse And Relatable Cast:

I realise that I have used the word 'relatable' close to five times but it's an important aspect of the film. I had my reservations at first but the characters showed real depth and reminded you of your own friend groups.

9. It Doesn't Have The Clichéd Ending We've Come To Expect From Most Rom-Coms:

For the majority of rom-coms, I find myself rolling my eyes at the predictable ending. The ending to Something Great is almost poetic and empowering.

10. It's The Ultimate Feel-Good Film:

If I haven't sold it yet, you'll laugh, you'll cry but you'll finish it feeling uplifted.

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