10 Types Of People You Will Encounter At A Music Festival

10 Types Of People You Will Encounter At A Music Festival

Festival season is right around the corner and we can't wait. Line ups are being announced and soon tents will be sold out of every hardware shop in the country. What's not to love about drinking cans in a muddy field with your besties for 3 days?! Here is a list of types of people your definitely going to encounter at an Irish music festival.

The Wana-be Hippies

Flower crowns, space-buns, glitter and tie die tops EVERYWHERE.

The Struggler

This person has lost one of their wellies, their phone and probably their dignity too. But they had the craic so what harm?!

The Sleeper

This person tends to just fall asleep anywhere. Another phrase for it, pass out!


The Topless Guy

Sun burnt to a crisp but he's OK with it because he really just HAS to show off his pecks and tattoos!

The Loved Up Couple

Love amid the madness, cute.

The Raver

Colour block windbreaker, neon sunglasses and a fisherman's hat is the definite starter pack for a hardcore raver.


The Guy Who Travelled In Thailand

How do we know he was in Thailand you ask?! He doesn't have any top other than his full moon party vest.

The Die Hard Fan

They have anticipated and dreamed about this weekend for long enough and now they are the happiest person in the world. #BESTWEEKENDEVER

The Mud People

Sliding around in the mud is the best craic you can have, isn't it?!

The Flag Bearers

These people just love their county and their country and the whole festival needs to know that.

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Mary Stafford

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