11 Very Irish Tips For Finding College Accomodation

11 Very Irish Tips For Finding College Accomodation

It's always tough to find a place, especially in the current renting climate. That's why we here at College Times have put together a handy little guide to avoiding the pitfalls of student accommodation.


Okay first things first. Location, location, location! Make sure you find a location that is equidistant from the pub, the shop, the bus and the college. In that order.


Should you go on Campus or not? The million dollar question. This is a double edged sword, live on campus/student apartments and chances are you'll never get a moments rest... get a place in a nice family estate and you relinquish the power to throw a gaffer which could seriously damage your street cred. Choose wisely.



If you suspect the house you're looking at is mouldy, check the corners of every room. If there are no mushrooms bigger than your fist, you're good to go. You might want to invest in a few safety masks though. You can pretend you're in Breaking Bad.


If you're worried that your room is too cold, fill a glass with water and throw it into the air, if it doesn't explode into ice then you should be fine. If you're still concerned, invest in blankets, some hot water bottles & a nice winter coat. Wrap yourself in these every night and you'll be laughing. Also laughing increases your body temperature



Check if the windows are double glazed, I mean, you're taking the place regardless but it's always good to know.


Ask the landlord for the BER energy rating, if its anything below 'M' you're in business.



Make sure the bathroom doesn't have a carpet, nothing is as off putting than putting your bare foot on the ground and feeling soggy fabric.


If you're looking to move in with a few of your mates make sure you put in most of the work. Really make a big deal about arranging viewings and phoning up estate agents. No one will question you when you bagsie the double bedroom with the ensuite, while they're stuck sharing the box room.


Be sure to read the lease cover to cover. A friend of mine didn't, now he's a sex slave and he's missing a kidney.



Make sure you pick a room that faces away from direct sunlight. How are you meant to sleep in if you have the eternal glare Mr. Sun wrecking your buzz.


Carefully consider all of these points and then take the first place you can get because there are ZERO options.

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Eoin Lyons

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