Significant Ryanair Baggage Changes Come Into Effect Today

Significant Ryanair Baggage Changes Come Into Effect Today

Today is an important day, for it marks the first time - in a significant period of time - that we here at CollegeTimes are writing an article about Ryanair that does not concern some kind of sale they're having. For once we have news concerning them that does not seem to revolve around their seemingly overwhelming desire to see you travel to Gdansk at a significantly discounted rate.

Unfortunately, the news is not good news, as it concerns the final phase of the implementation of their long-awaited overhaul of their baggage policy that was first announced in October.

It was announced that Ryanair passengers would no longer be allocated one 10kg cabin-bag as part of their ticket. Instead, the 10kg cabin bag would only be included for passengers who pay €6-€8 for priority boarding. Non-Priority passengers can pay €8 to have their 10kg cabin bag into the hold. However non-priority passengers who fail to book a 10kg bag into the hold will, from today be charged €20 to check the bag in at the bag drop desk or, should they bring it to the gate, €25 at the gate to have it checked into the old.

This marks an end to the grace period that was in place following the the announced changes being implemented on 1 November. Between 1 November and 7 January they were only charging non-priority passengers €10 for checking their bags into the hold at either the bag-drop desk or at the gate.


Ryanair have reported an increase in efficiency of 11% following the changes as it has reduced boarding times.

For people who already have book flights but didn't book in any bags, you should either upgrade to priority boarding or pay for your larger bag to be checked into the hold for €8 prior to traveling to the airport. They still allow passengers to bring in a small, roughly laptop sized bag.

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Rory McNab

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