From The Notebook To Bridget Jones: 12 Of The Most Realistic Rom-Coms

Even most self-respecting males will acknowledge that watching a rom-com is an enjoyable experience. You'd be lying to yourself if you said that you were always in the mood for the all action thriller drama blockbusters we're typically supposed to love. Rom-coms offer a nice little switch-off from all that; they're not exactly cerebral or well thought out. Plus, you usually watch it with a girl, increasing the chances of Netflix and Chill exponentially. There's a lot to be said for rom-coms, but most of the time, they're terribly unrealistic. Here's our list of the more realistic stories Hollywood told us:

1) 500 Days Of Summer

Even though it kills me to say it (because Tom and Summer are so damn cute together), the ending of this movie is what makes it so realistic. The fact that the couple doesn't end up together reminds us that sometimes who we think we're meant to be with actually isn't the right person for us at all. C'est la vie

2) Serendipity

Maybe I'm just a hopeless romantic thinking that this movie is realistic, and maybe I just wish fate truly existed. Alas, in today's world this movie makes no sense because Jonathan could easily look Sara up on Facebook. But before technology existed, this movie was perfection, and gave us all hope that what's meant to be really will be.


3) Like Crazy

While most us of definitely can't relate to being deported, we can definitely imagine the struggles of maintaining a long-distance relationship. When real-world issues get in the way of love, what's it going to be?

4) Friends With Benefits

A lot of college students will experience the nuisance that is a friends-with-benefits thing, so it's fair to say "no-strings-attached" sex is totally unrealistic, especially when you're a hot-as-fuck couple like JT and Mila. In fact, the only unrealistic part of this movie is the fact that he doesn't want a relationship with that babe. Just saying. I love you Mila.


5) Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Chances of any of us casually running into our ex in a hotel in Hawaii are obviously very slim, but the way this film depicts Peter's attempt to get over the break-up is quite accurate indeed. He is the archetype of a broken-hearted man, and if you've been there, you know how much it hurts. I'm a huge Russell Brand fan, but his character in this movie is every ex-boyfriend's worst enemy.

6) Love Actually


There are so many love stories going on in this movie that it's hard not to let it make you believe in love. Love actually DOES exist. The most cynical people I know started to believe in love after seeing this beautiful film.

7) The 40 Year-Old Virgin

Because not all of us is a Casanova or a Barney Stinson with a way with the ladies. Because there genuinely are people out there who find it hard to talk to girls. This one's for you. x

8) About A Boy


As much as you'll put that front on for the lads that you don't need the stress of a kid when you're trying to decide if you like the girl or not, you can't help who you fall in love with. Deal with it.

9) Juno

Teenage pregnancy is something I haven't experienced so I can't relate to this first-hand, but once the kid has a parent or two who really loves and cares for it, who gives a fuck? And thinking about all the raging emotions and hormones during your teenage years alone, this film has to be seen to have dealt with teen life in a very raw and real way. The acting in this is superb BTW, and the comedy is so witty.

10) Silver Linings Playbook


An all-star cast delivers. This film deals with some serious issues, like how to manage bipolar disorder and mental illness, and the acting by Lawrence and Cooper really is incredible. Jennifer Lawrence deservedly took the Oscar for her portrayal here and nearly everyone got a nomination for some stellar work. Throw an 'aul dance competition into the mix and you get something beautiful in the mess and confusion that mental illnesses like to make of lives.

11) Bridget Jones's Diary

I haven't got a whole lot of experience in the whole ah...being female department, but this movie taught me a few things. I mean, I remember granny pants and confusion and ice cream and tears etc.

*This just in, I'm being told by my colleague that it's PRETTY realistic. So there you go.

12) The Notebook

They made me put this in.

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