12 Movies That Make Us Cry Like Babies

No matter who you are or how emotionless you think you may be, every man, woman and child has fallen to their knees in total breakdown, anguish and, ultimately, tears at the pinnacle moments of these films. Whether you choose to let your tears stream rapidly down your face like Niagara Falls or attempt to hide them from your someone with a cushion on the couch, we all couldn't help but let our emotional barriers down in these great films.

12. Marley & Me


A lot of the time the death of an animal is more powerful than the death of a young child. What is it about animals that make us seize up into a ball and pull the sheets over our heads as we sob uncontrollably? I know people who wouldn't so much as bat an eyelid if a person was involved, but add a dog into the equation and they're a goner!

11. Coach Carter



Anyone remember this film? Of course you do - it features a young, slightly ghetto, Channing Tatum! Samuel L Jackson plays a coach who takes over a struggling, underprivileged high school basketball team and transforms them into "winners" . Throughout the film, Coach Carter asks the team on a number of occasions "what is your deepest fear?" Finally, Timo Cruz, who's cousin died in his arms after a gunshot, stands up and delivers this poetic answer to the coach in an emotional scene.

10. Remember The Titans


Based on a true story, this movie follows the integration of black people into a previously segregated high school in Virginia and their struggle to come together in a time of massive social upheaval. Julius Campbell and Gerry Bertier face-off as arch rivals in their confused state of racial brainwashing but break the boundaries with the help of Denzel Washington as Coach Boone. Bertier is paralyzed from the waist down in a car crash just before the final game of the state championship and Julius rushes to the hospital to hear the news.


9. Braveheart


A three hour epic Scottish tale about William Wallace, Mel Gibson is seen running around fashioning long hair and a kilt. Wallace fights Longshank and the British forces in a bid to avenge his wife's murder and win Scottish freedom. Refusing to take any painkilling medicine, Wallace endures a horrific torture in front of a crowd of people. When asked if he wants to end his pain and submit to the king of England, Wallace summons one last cry before his heroic death: "FREEDOM!"

8. Blood Diamond



Another mesmerising performance from Leo, he plays Danny Archer, the hardened diamond smuggler who wishes to take advantage of a selfless African man (Dia Vandy) who has lost his family in order to steal a rare blood diamond and escape the African continent forever. Archer falls for a journalist called Maddy Bowen and promises to call her when he gets out of Africa. He makes a change and the good side of his character blossoms when he fights off troops to save Dia and his ill son. Bleeding badly and with a bullet lodged in his chest, Archer calls Maddy from Sierra Leone in an emotional scene.

7. The Green Mile


Grown men and the toughest of prison guards weep like newborn babies as John Coffee, an innocent angel, is sent to the electric chair to be executed. That bloody Tom Hanks has such a knack for making us well up with tears!


6. Good Will Hunting


Matt Damon plays Will Hunting, a young orphan genius with a troubled past and builds a filial relationship with his psychiatrist and friend in Robin Williams' character, Dr. Sean Maguire. Will is an arrogant and touch character who eventually lets down his walls in this scene when Sean tells him that his beatings at the hands of his orphan father were "not your fault."

5. Toy Story 3



Oh Pixar, you did it again! The movie that we all followed as young children ended with a tear-jerking emotional scene which left us all speechless. Woody, Buzz and Mr Potato Head - we'll never forget you!

4. The Shawshank Redemption


Tim Robbins plays Andy Dufresne, a simple and awkward banker who is falsely charged with the murder of his wife and sentenced to two consecutive life sentences in the fictional Shawshank State Penitentiary. In one of many emotional scenes in this classic film, the old prison librarian and inmate, Brooks, writes a letter to his friends in Shawshank, outlining his struggle to break his institutionalised ways and fit back into society. Brooks' narrative turns out to be a suicide note to his friends.


3. Titanic

Yes, we've ALL seen it and we've all had experienced serious Niagara Falls during Jack's death at the end. Sure they even brought out Titanic 3D a couple of years ago to entice our girlfriend's to go see it again. Because 3D is so much different and all! Celine Dion's song is just too much for us. I wouldn't click into this video if I were you - you KNOW what's going to happen!

2. Lion King



ABSOLUTELY ... heart-wrenching. It doesn't matter how old I get, this never gets any better. I don't think I ever really got over Mufasa's death.

1. The Notebook


Ladies, we feel your pain. Your boyfriend will slowly pull his arm out from around your back and stealthily lift a cushion to his face to hide those falling tears. A great movie with a moving twist at the end, The Notebook has it all.

The writer would like to sincerely apologise for making your mascara run (girls) or embarrass you in front of your girlfriend or friends (guys) with these emotional and memorable scenes!

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