TG4 Releases Its Movie Schedule For The Christmas

TG4 Releases Its Movie Schedule For The Christmas

We're exactly three weeks from Christmas, and that means in three weeks, we'll be exercising our God-given right to binge on telly for 10 days or so. Wake us up when 2020 rolls around.

It's the most wonderful time of the year for TV. TG4 have released their movie schedule for the Christmas season, and it's chock full of bangers, including Dirty Dancing on Christmas Eve and Into The West on Christmas night after dinner.

We've highlighted the bangers below and officially cannot wait.

TG4 movie schedule for Christmas:

Around the World in 80 Days - December 23, 1pm

Happy Feet Two (Irish Language Version) - December 23, 5.20pm

Angels & Demons - December 23, 9.30pm


The Lorax - Christmas Eve, 5.20pm

Dirty Dancing - Christmas Eve, 11pm

Shrek (Irish language version) - Christmas Day, 5.20pm

Into The West - Christmas Day, 6.55pm (banger)

As Good as it Gets - St Stephen's Day 10.40pm

Rear Window - December 28, 1.20pm (banger)


Fargo - 28 December 10.20pm (banger don't ya know)

Flight of the Doves - December 29, 1.10pm

Mr. Bean's Holidays - December 30, 5.20pm

Apollo 13 - December 30, 9.30pm (Hanks banger)

Catch-22 - New Year's Day, 10.30pm

A Star is Born - January 3, 1pm (not sure which version, but either way banger)

Juno - January 4, 9.45pm (banger)

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