18 Things That Will Give You Serious '90s Nostalgia

18 Things That Will Give You Serious '90s Nostalgia

The '90s, a decade that bought us so much. For the majority of us, we grew up in the '90s and can fondly remember a time before smartphones, where we played outside instead of in front of a screen. Let's take a little trip down memory lane with 18 things that will give you some serious '90s nostalgia.

1. Furbies

The Furby, which featured at the Toy '98 showcase of top toys for Christmas 1998, in London. They arejust over six inches tall and retail at 29.99. 29/11/99: More than 20,000 fake Furby toys were being shredded by game makers Hasbro. * ...as a declaration of war against counterfeiters. The toys have their own language of chirps, cheeps and chirrups and comes complete with an English-Furby dictionary for its 200-words and 800 phrases which include 'a-tay' for 'I'm hungry' and 'way-loh' for sleep.

2. Silly Putty

silly putty

3. Tamagotchis



4. Windows 95 Solitaire

windows 95 solitaire

5. Beanie Babies

beanie babies

6. Gel Pens

milky pens


7. Viennetta Ice Cream

viennetta ice cream

8. Maths Machine

math machine

9. "Testing" Batteries

testing batteries nostalgia


10. Bop It

bop it

11. Stamp Markers

stamp markers nostalgia

12. Velcro Ball Game

velcro ball game


13. Book Covers

book covers

14. Pogs


15. Pokemon Cards

pokemon cards


16. The Original GameBoy


17. Scrunchies


18. Troll Dolls


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