Peter Casey Has Gone Full 'Auld Lad On The Internet'

Peter Casey Has Gone Full 'Auld Lad On The Internet'

It hasn't been the best week for Peter Casey. First of all the video below surfaced, of him flat out admitting he is a racist.

Then he went on an RTE debate, and Green Party's Saoirse McHugh made him look a bit silly.


Casey obviously went home after the debate and went online to see if he could stir up a bit of drama. After a bit of digging he came across @Mingflanagan. "Brilliant" Peter probably thought. "This lad has some rude tweets I'll call him out". One small problem with his plan, however. Ming's actual Twitter handle is @lukeming. As well as that, the account that he replied to had not been active since 2013. It also had eight tweets ever.


Not a good look there for Peter. He must be a firm believer in the idea of "all press is good press", especially given his comments on Maria Walsh. Casey accused the Fine Gael candidate of chasing the "pink" vote, and trying to latch onto the vote of the LGBT community.

Then again is it any surprise Casey is making an eejit of himself again? This is the same fella who released the video below during his presidential campaign

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