19 Mistakes Every College Fresher Makes In First Year

19 Mistakes Every College Fresher Makes In First Year

Starting college was never meant to be easy, but some people make it much harder on themselves than it needs to be. Being a fresher is one of the greatest experiences of your life so don't fuck it up.

Here's 19 mistakes every college fresher makes in first year. Make sure you avoid these AT ALL COSTS. Your happiness and future self relies on it.

1. Bringing shit you don't need

If this is your first time out of home, first of all: bless you. Second of all: get your shit together girl! Do not bring teddies, knick knacks, all your clothes, 3000 bobby pins or every nail polish. That's what your parents' house is for.

2. Staying in your room all semester

Yes, people at college can be scary but staying in your room will make life even worse than outside, trust us. Get out and do something even if it's people watching on a bench.

3. Going to every single Freshers week event


Do not do this. You will be wrecked and you will become *that guy* or *that girl* and no one wants that. Choose a few of the good ones read: ones with alcohol and cool people and ditch anything that sounds dodgy.


4. Thinking you have to hang out with the first person you meet

We're all guilty of doing this. You feel like a lonely soul out in the wild and then someone comes and saves you but they're lowkey not your type of person but you hang out with them all Freshers week 'cause you're desperate and classes haven't started yet. You do not need to see that person again. Disengage!



5. Racking up library fines

Library fines are the worst and they're actually really expensive. If you don't pay, you may not be able to graduate. Imagine breaking the news to your mam.

6. Never calling your mam

Your mam is worried about you. Dublin is a big place and you're from Cavan. You need to check in on Mam at least fortnightly to see if she and the sheep are OK.



7. Not making a budget

It can be easy to want to spend all your allowance/student loan but DO NOT do that. Be responsible and keep your cashola for holidays and stuff you actually need. Make a budget early and stick to it.

8. Buying all your textbooks brand new

Rookie error. New does not mean better but what it does mean is you're a damn fool. Buy your textbooks second hand.

9. Not getting a job


Sure, you have a lot of classes but that doesn't mean you can't work at the same time. Being unemployed is the worst so get your ass a job at Penneys or McDonald's and sort your life out.

10. Never studying

Life might be one big party now you're at college but studying is um, why you're there. Make time every afternoon for some studying after class before you go out.


11. Taking it for granted


Going to college is a privilege yo. So many people don't get the chance so make the most of it and don't flunk all your classes just to be the cool kid. This ain't school, this is the real world.

12. Being *that guy*

You know, the college student who's always drunk/high/other. Do anything not to have a reputation. Be lowkey af


13. Going to lectures with a hangover


It seems so ~cool~ to be in a lecture with a hangover but reality is that you will not love it and you will hate yourself.

14. Losing your ID

Your Id is precious so don't lose it because that'll cost you AND it's annoying to replace. Just don't be an eejit k.

15. Focusing on a relationship that isn't worth it

If all your time is being taken worrying about if that fuckboi will or won't text you, you should probably take a good hard look at yourself. No one is worth losing one of the greatest years of your life over! No one!

16. Enrolling in an 8am lecture


This will never be a good idea. And you will never go.


17. Wearing anything with your college on it

No genuinely cool people wear anything that shows what college they go to on it. This is not America.

18. Making out in a twin bed


19. Being late to classes all the time

It ain't cute. It holds other people up and you lose out on important information.


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Emma Greenbury
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Emma is an editor and writer from Brisbane, Australia and has been living in Dublin since September 2016 after she decided warm weather and beaches were overrated. She now wears three pairs of trousers every day and loves it.

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