15 Life Hacks That Definitely Do Not Work

15 Life Hacks That Definitely Do Not Work

We all have that friend that's like "OMG did you know vinegar cleans everything???" but we're here to tell you they're WRONG. Wrong wrong wrong. Life hacks aren't always helpful and many of them don't actually improve your life at all.

Don't be a fool. Here's 15 life hacks that definitely do not work:

1. The wooden spoon to stop a pot boiling over

Try this... it does not work. Instead, watch the pot and turn it down after it boils.

2. The cherry tomato slicing trick


This will end in tears and blood.

3. Make your reheated pizza crust taste like new with a glass of water 

This does nothing. The pizza is still chewy af.

4. Fold a fitted sheet


I've attempted this too many times to count and I'll never get that time back. Roll it in a ball and shove in the cupboard.

5. Clean your toilet with Coke

Sure, if you like your toilet to look like it has diarrhea in it, go for it. This also doesn't clean as well as it should and is truly just a waste of a perfectly good can o' Coke.

6. Toilet roll amplifier


LOL. Just no.

7. Post it note to clean a keyboard

The post-it note will keep bending, making you want to cry with frustration.

7. Use a can opener to open packaging



8. Use a dust pan to fill a bucket

Hahahaha this is bound to fail.

9. Use a spring from a pen to save your charger


This could end in tragedy. Do not put metal on an electrical cable guys.

10. Clean your headlights with toothpaste

Tried it and it does not work, ever.

11. Make a hole in the middle of your food and it'll reheat better


I want to believe this works but every time I try it, it fails me.

12. Iron your collar with a hair straightener

Because that looks safe.

13. Make cookies on your dashboard in summer


This is definitely the wrong way to do this.

14. Squeeze lemons with tongs

No, the right way is with a juicer. WTF.

15. Hide money in Chapstick tubes

Name one person who hasn't lost a Chapstick immediately after purchase.

God save our souls.

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