Why 2016 Actually Wasn't The Worst Year Ever

Why 2016 Actually Wasn't The Worst Year Ever

It's pretty easy to dismiss last year as rotten one, but there's actually a few reasons why 2016 actually wasn't the worst year ever.

For starters, Leonardo Dicaprio won his first Oscar award for Best Actor in the Revenant, after 20 years in the movie industry. What about Beyonce's groundbreaking album "Lemonade"? Or Pokemon Go became our new favourite game? Or what about the Olympics in Rio? We nailed that.

Oh and who could forget Batman vs Superman being released? And Mark Zuckerberg pledging $3 billion to medical research.

There's lots you may have forgotten and this brilliant infographic takes a look back at the entire year that was - good and bad.


Image via BargainFox with permission.

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