21 Of Our Favourite Facts About Jennifer Lawrence

I love Jennifer Lawrence. Everybody loves Jennifer Lawrence. She's beautiful and hilarious. But while you may have seen plenty of her movies, how much do you actually know about her? Here are a few facts that make us love her even more.

1) For her role in Winter's Bone (2010), she actually learned how to skin a squirrel.

2) Her love of Doritos caused her to stain several dresses while on the set of American Hustle, nearly ruining them in the process. The wardrobe department solved this problem by creating a number of identical dresses for her to use throughout the production so she would always have a clean one to wear.

3) Her Mother, Karen, owns a day-camp for kids, where she teaches archery.

4) Her nickname on the set of The Hunger Games was 'Katpiss Neverclean', because she would arrive each morning with the same blood and dirt makeup from the day before.

5) She is actually good friends with Josh Hutcherson, so much so that she bought a house down the road from his.


6) In kindergarten, she was forbidden from playing with other girls because she was too rough.

7) She had a pony growing up named Muffin.

8) Her very first informal acting role was as a prostitute at the age of nine. It was for a religious play based on the Book of Jonah.

9) Her first formal acting role was in an advertisement for My Super Sweet 16.

10) She once played a lion mascot in the TV show Monk


11) She almost played the role of Bella in Twilight (dodged a bullet there!)

12) She appeared in the 2009 music video 'The Mess I Made' by indie band Parachute.

13) The very first thing she said to Woody Harrelson was "Is that a sex swing?" while pointing at his yoga swing.

14) She's a big fan of Harry Potter and N-SYNC

15) After filming X-Men: First Class in London, she almost lost the deposit on her Notting Hill apartment because she stained the bathtub with blue makeup from her role as Mystique.


16) She is the self-proclaimed "fastest pee-er ever."

17) There was a swear jar on the set of The Hunger Games. It is generally agreed she filled at least half of it.

18) She shot a pilot for a show that never got picked up called Not Another High School Show. Her role was "Girl With The Boobs"

19) She got into a car accident in 2012 because she thought she saw Honey Boo-Boo in a parade. It actually was a breast cancer parade, and the floats said “boobs” instead of “Boo-Boo.”

20) Her high school rival once asked her to hand out invitations to a party she wasn’t even invited to. She responded by taking the invitations, whistling while she walked away, and then throwing them in a bin.

21) She received some minor injuries while training for the first Hunger Games... by running into a wall.

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