22 Things Only People Who Love Tayto Crisps Will Understand

22 Things Only People Who Love Tayto Crisps Will Understand

Ah the simple crisp, a staple part of Irish life. However, there's one particular type of crisp trumps the rest, and that crisp is Tayto. Tayto is the only Irish crisp worth giving your time towards. Each crisp is beautifully sprinkled with flavour, with just enough crunch to satisfy. The packaging reminds everyone of picnics, watching the match in Croker and even holidays in the beautiful Emerald Isle.

Tayto is so much more than a crisp. Here are 21 other things you'll know if you love Tayto:

1. That feeling when you open a packet

2. When someone asks you if Smokey Bacon is OK instead of Cheese and Onion

3. You've got notions if you like Prawn Cocktail


4. Getting to the end of the packet and feeling empty inside

5. Walking into a shop and trying to resist the packets near the counter

6. Always having a spare in your bag just in case


7. Missing them deeply when you go overseas and making your mam send you some

8. You've been to Tayto Park more times than you've seen your own mam


9. You enter all the competitions as soon as you see them

10. Jealousy of the Spud Buds is real

11. You've sent feedback to Tayto customer service more than once, but it's always positive


12. You're not ashamed to say you want to be Mrs Tayto

13. When someone tries to tell you Tayto aren't that great

14. Everyone tells you that you're going to turn into a potato


15. The only sandwich you like is a Tayto one

16. Your ideal job would be dressing up as Mr Tayto

17. "It's not lunch time it's Tayto time" speaks to you on so many levels


18. You refuse to taste the fancy Bistro Taytos that are gluten free #notions #halp

19. You've seriously considered getting a Mr Tayto tattoo

20. Mr Tayto is more of a father figure than your own father

21. You've been in this exact situation

22. You've asked all of these questions:


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Emma is an editor and writer from Brisbane, Australia and has been living in Dublin since September 2016 after she decided warm weather and beaches were overrated. She now wears three pairs of trousers every day and loves it.

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