26 Times Kourtney and Scott Gave Us Relationship Goals

Kourtney and Scott may be dysfunctional but we love them for making us feel so much better about our own relationships. They argue endlessly, annoy each other, and generally drive each other insane, but when it comes down to it, it's clear they love each other. We hate to admit it but they kind of give us relationship goals.

1. When Scott attempted to defend the fact that he was wearing makeup.

2. When they were both honest about their feelings towards marriage.

3. When pictures weren't worth a thousand words.

4. When Scott had to admit who wears the pants in their relationship.

5. When they were actually nice to each other and we all found it adorable.

6. When Scott compared Kourtney to a crisp...charming.

7. When listening was a bit of a foreign concept to both of them.

8. When Scott knew better than to let Kourtney open THAT can of worms.

9. When they both did a dorky synchronised dance and it was kind of amazing.

10. When Scott admitted what we all already knew; he's mental.

11. When Kourtney's expectations were a teensy bit too high.


12. When they teamed up to tell Kim some home-truths.

13. When their compliments were weird but somehow endearing.

14. And then actually flirted!

15. When they were the perfect team.

16. When Kourtney expressed her love in her own violent way.

17. When they had in-jokes that we didn't get but still made us go 'awwwww'

18. When they started the day the way we all do.

19. When even Kourtney knew her boyfriend was being a pretentious dick.

20. And Scott had this zinger.

21. When Scott knew exactly how to annoy Kourtney in the morning.

22. But then reminded us that he loves her more than the world.

23. When Kourtney understood that movies are a better source of romance than Scott.

24. When they had 'adorable' nicknames for each other.

25. When Scott said the most Scott thing ever.

26. When Kourtney summed up the nature of their relationship.

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