The Public Reaction As Three New Contestants Enter Love Island

The Public Reaction As Three New Contestants Enter Love Island

Considering Love Island has been going on for what seems like an eternity now, you'd be forgiven for thinking the series was nearly over.

However, you soon realise that Love Island never really ends, replacing contestant after contestant like a reality TV version of the Sugababes.

But who are we to judge? Sure, we'll just keep watching it anyway.

Last night saw three new people enter the villa, the objective is to couple up the three singletons left. Ovie and Chris were summoned to a date with new girls Harley and India respectively. We were left waiting until the end of the episode until Amber found out that she was to be whisked away to the hideaway terrace by Irish lad Greg, however we weren't shown much.


Elsewhere in the villa, Ovie pulled up Michael for the way he spoke to Amber the night previous. Michael listened to Ovie, because apparently he can only recognise decency when 'someone is of a similar age to him'. Either way, Michael sat Amber down again and proceeded to stumble his way through one of the worst apologies ever. Amber seemed delighted with it, however.


Also, there was a Crufts-based challenge for the couples. The lads had to dress up as dogs and pick up treats whilst going around an obstacle course. The whole challenge was the television at its easiest to digest.

Here are all the best tweets from last night's Love Island:


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