4 Hilarious Ways To Use The New Snapchat Filters

With the new update on Snapchat we've been given the ability to puke rainbows, grow giant heart eyes, become the Terminator, and turn into scary demons. But, with great power comes great responsibility. Some people have been abusing this power. These people have either done it so right or so wrong and I don't know if there really is a difference.

1. Mom Scaring Daughter

This little girl might need therapy in the future thanks to her mother. Or maybe she's afraid of her mother's mouth? She was only scared when her mum opened her mouth. Either way, we all had a good laugh at her expense. Sorry little girl, one day you'll understand.

2. Donald Trump and Rainbows

This is probably the best thing that happened in any GOP debate.. This is the best way to get the younger votes, Mr. Trump. Plus, remember that the younger population also made a video about how many times you've said Mexico in all your debates and interviews that is over three minutes long. Aren't you a social media sensation!


3. Revenge: Daughter Scares Mom

So this girl used the filters to age herself and terrify her mother. Probably not the best thing when she takes care of you, but you can get a few good chuckles from this poor mother's lack of understanding of Snapchat. At least she knows how to use an iPhone. Oh, and the picture in question? To be fair, her picture came out better than mine did. Please notice the 74 other texts she has waiting. I am not that popular.

4. Metamorphosis 

Sometimes, Snapchat just doesn't register the faces very well. For example, my glasses are eyes...not my actual eyes. Well, this girl did it so right by using it to her advantage. We are evolving people. We have nose eyes now. Next thing you know we will have heart cheeks too.

Amber M Paez
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