5 Underrated Series To Binge On The RTE Player

5 Underrated Series To Binge On The RTE Player

The national broadcaster's online platform gives us the opportunity to tune in live to their broadcasts when we're away from terrestrial TV. It gives us the chance to watch highlights galore and recount current affairs programmes. It is as multi-faceted as you'd expect for the online platform for media organisation like RTE.

Due to the fact that it is so vast, it can be hard to actually sift through the archives to find something worthwhile to watch. That's where we come into proceedings.

We're here to bring you five underrated gems that you might miss when you're searching the RTE Player, because we're good people.

Fade Street

Fade Street is an acquired taste, we'll readily admit that.


Ireland's answer to The Hills was early 2010s influencer culture distilled into a TV show. It's hard to fathom what makes the show so good, as it'll never please the critics and remains a cult classic to this day.

Either way, Paul Furlong is one of Irish TVs great villains. You have no idea why anyone on Fade Street acts with such entitlement, but the Wexford man is next level.

Watch on the RTE Player here.

Sarah and Steve

Cult classic, not best seller.

That lyric from The Streets seminal anthem 'Let's Push Things Forward' is the perfect description of Sarah and Steve. In fact, Mike Skinner's use of the English language is the Birmingham equivalent of Steve's natural Tallaght diction.


Emmet Kirwan's first foray into the public's consciousness gave us around 120 minutes worth of excellent content. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll certain find yourself using the term 'rapih' an awful lot more after watching.

Watch on the RTE Player here.

The Rubberbandits Guides

The Rubberbandits are at their best when their off-the-wall comedy stylings are utilised in an informative manner.


This series proved that silliness can play a huge role in the understanding of topics like Irish history, economics and reality.

You'll learn a lot in the midst of fits of laughter, and that truly is a beautiful thing.

Watch on the RTE Player here.

Can't Cope, Won't Cope

The two series of Can't Cope, Won't Cope saw some of the best Irish television produced this century.

The insight into how two best friends can see their lives unravel and piece together is akin how a number of people may experience their twenties.


Watch on the RTE Player here.

Paths To Freedom

One of the most underrated comedies ever to come out of Ireland, Paths To Freedom followed two men released from Mountjoy, but with two entirely different backgrounds.

Jeremy, a disgraced former doctor, tries to rehabilitate his image by releasing a book on gynaecology after his release. Rats, on the other hand, is a creative from the flats, and aims to stave off the attention of the law through his 'unique' form of art.

Watch on the RTE Player here.

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