50 word film review: The Hangover Series.

This week we examine The Hangover. A brilliant standalone comedy that all the funny was squeezed out of until the result was a lacklustre trilogy left you with a bad taste in your mouth. Reviewing each movie in 50 words or less we look at where it all went wrong.

The Hangover Part 1:


Original, funny and broke the mould. A disastrous inadvertently drug fueled adventure that reminds you of every bad night out you have ever had. Despite all the debauchery you still end of rooting for Alan and Co. by the end of the movie. Already a classic and a fan favourite.


Hangover Part 2:



Should they have? Maybe. maybe not. As a comedy in its own right its actually not bad. Some good setups lead to some laugh out loud moments. Involved monkeys and ladyboys. The funny moments aren't consistent enough though and afterwards you feel a little bit cheated by the whole thing.


Hangover Part 3:


This is where it all went wrong. Weirdly dark and depressing for a comedy. Most of the characters are calling it in at this stage and waiting for their large salary cheques to arrive. You are more likely to feel a little depressed after seeing this one. Dark and sad.


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