7 New Movies You Have To See This Summer

7 New Movies You Have To See This Summer

With movie season in full swing, it's time to start planning those nights at the cinema. There have been so many good films released this last month and it doesn't stop there. Here a few more must-see's being released later this summer.

1. Adrift

Tami Oldham and Richard Sharp play two experienced sailors find themselves in the middle of one of the worst hurricanes in history. Thier boat is left in ruins and Richard becomes severely injured. With no assurance of help, Tami must do everything she can to get them to safety.

Release date: June 29th, 2018

2. The First Purge


Witness the movement that started it all. The new founding fathers of America put forth a new sociological experiment, to potentially decrease the crime below 1% for the rest of the year. Things escalate too quickly and soon the whole American nation is in a riot.

Release date: July 4, 2018

3. Incredibles 2

After being left hanging for 14 years, Incredibles 2 is finally here. It's Helen's turn to be on the town as she leaves Bob at home with the kids. Jacks' superpowers become relevant and when a new villain hatches a dangerous scheme, the gang must all work together to save the city.


Release date: July 13th, 2018

4. Mama Mia: Here We Go Again

As Sophie deals with her pregnancy as a fairly young woman, just as her mom was with her, we finally get to see the story of Donnas past and her encounters with Sophies three potential fathers.

Release date: July 20th, 2018


5. Hotel Transylvania 3

Dac and the monster family finally get a break from the hotel shenanigans and take a summer vacation on a luxurious monster cruise. All is smooth sailing the but as the plot continues, the fate of all monster-kind could be at risk.

Release date: July 27, 2018


6. Christopher Robin

Christopher Robin has grown up, with all the responsibilities of adult life on his shoulders. When he unexpectedly meets his childhood friend Winnie the Poo, he is taken back to Hundred Acre Woods where he is reminded of the happiness of his childhood. We expect to be consistently crying throughout this epic adventure.

Release date: August 17, 2018

7. Night School

After his current job ends badly, Teddy Walker, played by Kevin Hart, along with a group of troublemakers is forced to attend night school in order to get his GED.

Release date: September 28, 2018

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