A Rugrats Reboot Is On The Way To The Big Screen

A Rugrats Reboot Is On The Way To The Big Screen

The '90s was the greatest decade to grow up in. It was a simpler time before technology took over our lives and we were content listening to the Spice Girls on our walkmen. The '90s was also the golden era of Nickelodeon that bought us so many great shows like Cat Dog, Hey Arnold, Ken & Kel and arguably the greatest Rugrats.

We were first introduced to Tommy Pickles and the gang back in 1991. Rugrats ran for nine seasons and officially ended in 2004. Following the end of the series, there was the spin-off All Grown Up,  which as the name suggests showed the Rugrats all grown up. The Rugrats also had their time on the big screen with three movies; The Rugrats Movie, Rugrats in Paris and the crossover with The Wild Thornberrys, Rugrats Go Wild.

Paramount has confirmed that the Rugrats will be coming back to the big screen in a new reboot. The Rugrats reboot will be live-action/CG. Fans of the original series are apprehensive, to say the least, about a live-action/CG reboot.


Rugrats holds a special place for all of us '90s kids. The series centred around fearless Tommy who took on a range of imaginary adventures, his cousin Chuckie whose nervous disposition made him loveable to fans, Phil and Lil, the bickering twins that were the first to join in Tommy's adventures and Angelica, Tommy's bully cousin who we all despised.

The new Rugrats reboot will be directed by David Bowers, who directed the second, third and fourth "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" as well as animated movies  “Astro Boy” and “Flushed Away.”

The release date of January 9th, 2021. We while try and keep an open might, but the thoughts perfection shouldn't be tampered with spring to mind.

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Deirdre Kelly

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