8 Real Struggles We All Felt Going Home For Christmas

8 Real Struggles We All Felt Going Home For Christmas

Christmas 2016 may be over but the memories will last forever... and not always because you cherish them, but because you keep forgetting that every time you go home, it's the same old shit.

Here are 8 real struggles we all felt going home for Christmas the other day:

A full fridge

You’re so weak you basically fall in the door because your diet for the last three months has been made up of pasta, biscuits and Tesco vodka. But your saviour - the fridge - is here to put things right. If you haven’t made a substantial dent in the food stock after two days there is something seriously wrong.

The family row

Would it really be Christmas without a big bust up between one side of the family and the other? The secret in-law hatred that’s bubbling underneath your mam’s cracker crown can be contained for the dinner, but after a few mulled wines? Sit back and enjoy.

Your teenage wardrobe


Even though you brought home three bags of stuff and took up several seats on the train, you've somehow got no clothes. Time to squeeze back into jumpers you were rocking in 2009 that have been hibernating in the back of your wardrobe. You’re doing it because you have to, but you secretly love it.

The interrogation about your love life

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, this is one of the few times you’ll be at home this year with all the family, and you’re stuck. Cue everyone “taking an interest” and asking about that girl/boy in your Facebook profiler. Give them nothing.

Seeing people from school

It’s been months since you’ve seen people from home and Christmas seems to be the time they all come back too. No, Darragh at the chipper, I do not want to nip down to the pub for a pint with you.



OK this is actually good but you definitely didn't prepare to be warm because your college room has a broken heater and you're used to wearing 5 layers to bed. It doesn’t matter if you’re in halls or a house, one thing that unites all students during winter is feeling chilled to the bone. Your mam gave you a hot water bottle in September but that’s been forgotten about and the only reason you go into college is to get a seat by the radiator. Finally you can have a week of non-scabby heating and a shower that doesn’t ruin your day.

Extended family

It’s time for your parents to show you off because you are in college after all, so bring on days of family coming over. Not exactly sure who some of them are but they all know you? Yeah, we don’t know either.

“So, what’s the plan?”

The dreaded question for any student that just gets worse and worse going into final year. College life is all well and good, but what are you going to do after? If, like the majority of the population, you haven’t got a year by year plan, grit your teeth and lie. “Yeah sure I’ve always wanted to be a doctor”.

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Charlotte Reid

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