11 Awful Ideas We All Have In College

11 Awful Ideas We All Have In College

College is a time of socialising, studying (ahem) and general debauchery.

One thing's for sure, we constantly have god-awful ideas every single day. Whether it's that shot of tequila or that fuck-boy – great idea in college seems regrettable the next day.

We've decided to round up the 11 awful decisions that we've all made in college at some stage.

1. Just one more shot

...said no one EVER.

2. (Chinese takeaway gives you food poisoning) Let's get that Chinese again, it's the closest one


3. Drinking on antibiotics will be grand

4. This looks microwavable



5. Panadol will solve anything

6. Feck smoking out the window, the smoke alarm probably doesn't work anyway

7. I can definitely get away with wearing these jeans 4 days in a row


8. This lecture is boring, I'll just watch Netflix at this time every week

9. Download a budgeting app

10. Never use said budgeting app and go out drinking instead


11. Finally...constantly getting back with that fuckboy

Come on your better than that!


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Ciara Finnegan

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