9 Basic Tattoos Every Irish Person Has

9 Basic Tattoos Every Irish Person Has

Tattoos are growing in popularity more than ever.

They can be an amazing way to express yourself, pioneer art and even show your undying love for someone. But let's be real here, a lot of the time people regret getting that dodgy tattoo.

There have been some car crashes in tattoos over the years, from getting your long-term two-month boyfriend's name on your wrist or maybe getting Chinese symbols you think mean 'loyalty' but actually mean battered sausage. Regardless, there are some tattoos Irish people are mad for and they need to become extinct – pronto.

Let's all rejoice and get tagging the basic tattoos bitches out there.

1. Nanny tattoos

Listen, I'm not trying to be disrespectful to people's Nannies but having her name in a love heart on your chest isn't cute – soz.

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2. Chinese symbols

Ah, one of the most popular tattoos of the 00s. Although they may look super exotic and tasteful, a lot of the time they look cheap as chips and mean 'McDonald's' or 'chicken wing.'

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3. A butterfly 'tramp stamp'


I don't like the word tramp stamp, but getting a colourful butterfly that looks like it's coloured in by a four-year old is not chic.

4. A music note behind the ear

This person probably loves Rihanna so much they decided to copy her famous tattoo – how basic can you get?

5. Any tattoo done in Magaluf


This type of tattoo normally occurs on a 6th year holiday and/or in the presence of copious amounts of alcohol.

6. Father Ted tattoos

Although it's your favourite show of all time and you can quote it like a priest quotes the bible – having a Father Jack tattoo with 'arse' plastered across the front is just wrong.

More from @awoltattooer #FatherTed flash series.

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7. Having someone's name on your wrist

Ah, the inevitable declaration of your undying love for your new 'boyfriend.' There are no words really....

8. A Shamrock

You're Irish? Well, you better go get that shamrock tattoo so people abroad know you are, eh? I think your sun burnt skin and Irish jersey gave it away to be honest.


Stone Irish for Super Sean. #tattoos #tattoo #irishtattoo #shamrocktattoo

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9. Finally..some sort of hipster triangle

What the hell is this supposed to even mean? Circles are way too mainstream, only a triangle will do.



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