A Beginner's Guide On How To Speak Cork

A Beginner's Guide On How To Speak Cork

Ah, the Rebel County. What would Ireland be without Cork? Between Clonakilty pudding, Murphys Stout, Jameson Whiskey (the best whiskey) and not to mention Barry's Tea. Who likes Lyons' anyway? It's the birth place of many legends like Roy Keane, Cillian Murphy, Sonia O Sullivan and the O'Donovan brothers. Aren't they only gas. If you're planning a trip to Cork there's definitely a few phrases that would be handy to know. The Corkonians are hard to understand the best of the time with that accent but when they churn out their own phrases it's next to impossible to understand so here is a little guide to help you, if you decide to venture south.

1) Gatting - ‘Going gatting with the boys’

Buying cheap alcohol and drinking it with your friends, usually in the vicinity of a field. #classy

2) Bazzer - ‘Fresh Baz’

A male getting a haircut

3) Mauling - ‘He was mauling her last night in Voodoo’


He was shifting/kissing her last night in the nightclub

4) Haunted - ‘She was absolutely Haunted last night ’

She was very lucky last night

5) Allergic - ‘No way I’m allergic to that class’

I cannot deal with going to that class, I really don’t like it.

6) Going to KC’s for a saucy King Creole


This is not really slang but it is something you should know about going to Cork. KC’s chipper in Douglas is up there with one of the best. Their King Creole wrap is to die for so if you are in the area, nip in and try it!


7) Langer - ‘He’s some langer’

A langer is a foolish person, however if you say ‘I was langers last night’ it means you were very intoxicated.


8) Weak - 'Ah I'm weak for the top I bought in Penneys'

Saying you're weak for something means you really love it or like it.


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