Actors Who Can't Play Anything But Themselves

George Clooney

I don't think even Ben Affleck can do a worse Batman than Clooney. He just played Batman as himself. Charming, witty, the opposite of what the character is. Its like he just has his looks and dirt on everyone in Hollywood. No George....but he doesn't make me cry..

Denzel Washington

He didn't play himself for one movie and got an Oscar. The sky should be the limit but he insists on being a form of himself, even when he plays drunk parts, which he has a lot recently, he's not drunk...he's just Denzel. Yes, this shit is chess...so stop being so predictable. Christ on a bike!

Brad Pitt


It's like he found a formula during Fight Club and just decided to keep it at that level...and that wasn't him in Snatch, it was his more talented twin. People stop being fooled by this one trick pony. But apparently...it's televisions fault.

Micheal Cera

Cera plays an innocent, awkward, sarcastic teenager in every film.....every film.

Vince Vaughan


He is awful, just awful. But at least he knows it. Don't you Vince...Don't you!

Ryan Gosling

You'll see two different Goslings on screen but technically he's still playing himself. That's where my theory that he's actually schizophrenic comes in. One side of him is handsome, romantic and a bit of a rogue and the other is broody, strange, a mute and downright violent. Even asking him about his love life leads to a psychotic answer...

Samuel L. Jackson


Samuel plays the angry black guy in every film, Die Hard, Pulp Fiction, even his Nick Fury in the Avengers is angry. He's been in around seven thousand films at this stage and been angry in every one...god bless you sir..

Tom Cruise

"I WANT THE TRUTH"....Well here it is Tom, Ethan Hunt, Jack Reacharound, etc etc are all the same character......except in Far and Away..where he played Tom Cruise with a disgraceful Irish accent. Tropic Thunder aside he just plays a really tall small person...think i'll stop...I seem to have hit a nerve..

Nicholas Cage


The only good thing about Nicholas Cage is Nicholas Cages face on things...oh and Leaving Las Vegas....that was OK.

Owen Wilson

We couldn't have had Vince Vaughan on this list without including his bum chum Wilson...

Adam Sandler


Goofy.... he's just always the goofy guy who gets the girl. If he were a Disney character he'd be.....you guessed it, Dopey (of seven dwarf fame)

Ryan Reynolds

His superhero outing may as well have been called The Green Van Wilder. The only time he's showed any signs of  anything resembling acting was when he was locked in a box in Buried. But that no surprise...claustrophobia can bring out the best in anyone...



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Colin O'Dwyer
Article written by
Media graduate, music nut, musician and connoisseur of the skinny jean. Would've made a better Batman than Affleck!!

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