This Ad For A Room In Athlone Is The Funniest Thing You'll Read Today

This Ad For A Room In Athlone Is The Funniest Thing You'll Read Today

If you have ever been searching for a house share you'll know that Daft adverts all start to look the same, a room, close to public transport, walking distance to amenities. You can almost finish the sentences yourself. This is why this daft advert for a single bedroom is so refreshingly honest and absolutely hilarious.

The opening line starts off with "House share available in Woodville Close. Close to no amenities, unless you love motorways, Spar, and Bucaneers Rugby". I'm intrigued to read on.

The next paragraph leads on to describe the neighbours "yappy dog" who's "small and angry all the time and has no qualms with barking all night right by the vent in your room". The essential information you need prior to moving into a new house.

For my favourite section is the description of the interior of the house or more specifically the lighting.

'The house is well lit and I have seen to this personally. The living room really gives it a romantic feel, while there is a disco light in the hall (pictured). The available bedroom has fairy lights around the upper-edge but these are mine and I will be taking them with me. I just think they're super-cute and I wanted you to see them. There are other lights and candles throughout the house in odd places."

There are also some accompanying pictures to prove that this "romantic feel" lighting.

Room In Athlone


On the cleanliness of the house, the ad simply states "The house is always as clean as you see it now and we will not field any questions around this." Whoever created this ad has some brilliant oneliners which give a great feel for the day to day living in the house. On parties, the ad states "Drinking happens sometimes, but not always. We don't throw wild parties because I hate wading through crap to get to the sofa to cry. At least when I have a breakdown I'm doing it in a relatively clean house."

A lot of effort has gone into this advert, you can read the full advert here.

The advert concludes with "if you have gotten this far, congratulations. You passed the first test. Please call to arrange your written exam."

Could we please take a moment to also acknowledge a single room for €250, €250! That would twice that in Dublin.

H/ T: Joe.ie

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