The Aldi Inflatable Hot Tub Is Back! Live Like A Queen For Just €399.99

The Aldi Inflatable Hot Tub Is Back! Live Like A Queen For Just €399.99

Cast your mind back to last summer. After an uncharacteristic lack of rain across the country, we faced a drought. To preserve precious water a hosepipe ban was put in place. The ban stated that the use of hosepipes for activities like watering gardens, washing cars, filling paddling pools or artificial ponds was prohibited. As a result and commendably so Aldi Ireland announced that it will no longer sell paddling pools.

It looks like that is all forgotten about as Aldi announced their sell-out Spa Pool will be back by popular demand. The 795- litre spa pool features 120 power air jets and a 2200W heater and it can host up to 4 adults. The essential for any student house with the luxury of a back garden. Just imagine sitting in your pool on a glorious summer evening, with friends (optional) and a bag of cans (essential). You'll need at least one friend though, dragging this out of Aldi is a two-person job.

The Aldi spa pool will be available in 137 Aldi Stores nationwide from Sunday, 31st March, just in time for payday. You better get there quick, last year customers went wild from this affordable luxury and it was a sellout.

You have to love Aldi, you walk in for your weekly fruit and vegetables and walk out with a hot tub.

If last Summer is anything to go by, this Summer could be a scorcher or snowing who knows with the unsettling effects of climate change. There are a few cautions before you run out and buy a hot tub. As a hot tub owner and back garden owner, everyone will be your new best friend. Don't be surprised if you arrive home after a hard day's work looking forward to turning on the jets to find your neighbour Dave has climbed the fence to get there before you.


Don't say we didn't warn you.

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Deirdre Kelly

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