8 Reasons Alex From Donegal Is A National Treasure

8 Reasons Alex From Donegal Is A National Treasure

There's no doubt in our minds that Alex from Donegal is by far the cutest child to ever grace the Late Late Toy Show. He's been deemed a national treasure with people taking to Twitter to express their love from the Donegal native.

Not only did Alex steal our hearts with his sweet accent but with his nature. We've rounded up eight reasons why Alex is the most perfect child to walk on the face of the earth.


1. He defied gender stereotypes

By playing with fairy toys and winning a spot in our heart.

2. His actual MANNERS

Parents across Ireland stared wistfully at the manners on our little Alex.


3. He was cute enough to name one of his fairy's Ryan

He's just so thoughtful.

4. When Ryan pushed away his monkey he didn't even flinch

Because he's the most perfect child on the earth.


5. His hair is perfect

As is his perfect personality, as he's the most well behaved child to ever exist.

6. When he admitted he gets anxious about nightmares



7. He literally stood with his hands neatly resting the entire time

Is there anything he CAN'T do?

8. Alex for president 2018

He's got my vote.


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Ciara Finnegan

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