A New Irish Show About Culchies Sent Twitter Into A Frenzy Last Night

A New Irish Show About Culchies Sent Twitter Into A Frenzy Last Night

Ireland is a mad aul place for many reasons: Ulster is split between two countries, Dublin is one of the smallest counties but hosts the largest population in the country and asking someone whether or not they have road frontage is a genuine question.

As Irish media doesn't tend to move far away from the Pale it made perfect sense for RTÉ to commission a show that delved right into the heart of Irish country life and expose what's like to be a modern-day 'culchie'.  That's why Alison Spittle, an actress, and comedian from Westmeath, shows us what it means to be a part of The Culchie Club.

Beginning the documentary with her family and mother in Ballymore, Alison talks about feeling displaced from her culchieness by being born in the UK. Suffering the fate of many a person that relocates at a young age, Alison would confirm her Irish status to naysayers to only be told she was a Brit and vice versa.

Alison's nomadic predicament, or, as she calls it, "feeling like a blow in", gives the viewers the premise of the documentary. During her travels to find out what it means to be a culchie, she meets comedian Shane Clifford in Kerry, jives with one of the twins from Gogglebox and attends Mayo's first Pride. A sometimes intimate look at what it's like growing up in the country, particularly when Alison and a young drag queen stand in front of protestors during Mayo Pride.

In traditional rural fashion, Alison asks for directions without the help of Google Maps and lots of people could relate:


Full of surprises, a standout and refreshing moment from the show is Alison discussing farming with a group of young women, a role traditionally associated with men.


Sadly some folks didn't enjoy RTÉ's delve into the culchie world:


And others loved it, even if they didn't understand what it meant to be a culchie:


If you haven't had a chance to check out Culchie Club click here to watch the full episode on the RTÉ player.

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