'IT' Creators Remaking '90s Classic Are You Afraid Of The Dark

'IT' Creators Remaking '90s Classic Are You Afraid Of The Dark

Nickelodeon shows were our daily bread and butter back in the '90s but one show, in particular with its creepy intro, sent shivers up our spines and only the brave dared to watch it during dark winter evenings.

Are You Afraid of The Dark was Nickelodeon's darker version of Goosebumps with both shows being inspired by or turned into a series of books.

Premiering 26 years ago, the show began each episode with the Midnight Society, a group of teenagers who'd hang out in the woods with one member sharing a ghost story, beginning their story by throwing grit dramatically into a fire pit.


Now, the series will be turned into a feature film written by Gary Dauberman, the mastermind screenwriter behind recent horror success stories IT, Annabelle, The Conjuring and The Nun.

While it might not be coming back as a show, the feature film will be released just in time for Halloween in 2019 on October 11. Here's a reminder of just how creepy the show was:

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