Best Movies To Watch On A Snow Day

Best Movies To Watch On A Snow Day

Since a lot of us are stuck inside for the majority of today and tomorrow, we have taken it upon ourselves to compile a list of great movies that are worth watching on a Snow Day. From kids animated movies to thrillers, we have it all for you here. So, grab a blanket, make yourself a cuppa, grab some munchies and throw the feet up. You deserve it!

Harry Potter

The beauty of the Harry Potter movies is that there's so many to choose from and they are all equally brilliant. Watch them from start to finish or just choose one to watch. It doesn't matter because they are so enjoyable anyway.

Mrs. Doubtfire

An absolute classic. You shouldn't ever NEED a reason to watch this movie.


Mean Girls

Ah, it just never gets old. It's #SoFetch.

The Shining

When the place is covered in snow it just seems fitting that you watch The Shining for a bit of Jack Nicholson creepiness.


Dumb and Dumber

Another classic. We 100% need a giggle.

Groundhog Day

Again, you shouldn't need an excuse to watch this movie!


Fast and Furious

So many to choose from, so much action, so much love.

Cool Runnings

Your favourite Jamaican bobsled team is here! What a perfect movie to watch on a snow day.



Seems fitting doesn't it?

The Day After Tomorrow

You might freak yourself out watching this movie during weather like this but if you're up for watching The Shining you may as well watch this classic too and you can feast your eyes upon Jake Gyllenhall for a few hours!

Happy Feet

Such a feel good movie. Cute penguins?! We won't complain.

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