5 Of The Best New Board Games You Need To Try in 2017

5 Of The Best New Board Games You Need To Try in 2017

You might think board games are way past their sell-by date (Cluedo is so 90s, right?). Truth is, the humble board game is going through a resurgence lately and here are 5 of the best new board games you need to try in 2017.

Ah Here Now

Though technically not a board game, this Irish creation is arguably one of the best new games around. Ah Here Now is the Irish version of the popular party game, Cards Against Humanity.

The game got its funding from Kickstarter, with the creators stating on their website that the game is "following the proud Irish tradition of piggybacking off the ambition and enterprise of American firms." Ah Here Now tests your loose knowledge of Irish politics, entertainment and wit.



Not based off the winning Swedish Eurovision song (sorry), Euphoria is a game of strategy that puts you at the centre of a dystopia. Your aim is to seize land by leading your workers and recruits around the world, collecting artefacts and fulfilling secret agendas, before your opponents do. Be careful though, if one of your recruits becomes aware of what you're doing, you lose. If you've ever wanted to be Katniss Everdeen, here's your chance.

The Gallerist 


If you've ever had a dream of being an art curator, this game is for you. Your aim is to attract visitors to your gallery, ordering new pieces of art and out-thinking your opponents all while trying to nab the greatest number of points. There amount of ways you can earn points is colossal making it incredibly competitive and a battle of wits and, well, snobbery.

Pandemic Legacy 

Known as one of the best cooperative game ever designed, Pandemic Legacy is a game ever changing elements that means each play will be completely different to the one before.  The aim is to control deadly disease outbreaks across the world and your actions in one game have repercussions in the next. It's more than a board game, it's like binge watching a TV series.


Anti-Monopoly is exactly what you think it is, the opposite of Monopoly. The player follows rules based on their class status; competitors can charge fair rent, create supply and demand, the monopolists charge high rents, restrict supply and can be sent to jail for price fixing. It's a game of morals, or lack of them.


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Sinead Loftus

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