9 Types Of People Who Will Destroy Board Games During Christmas

9 Types Of People Who Will Destroy Board Games During Christmas

Board games have surged in recent years, with families across Ireland coming together to have some good old-fashioned fun.

However, what they don't tell you is how brutal and soul destroying these games can be. Sometimes friendly competitiveness can take a sharp turn, and families can be left in tatters. Whether it's that one family member who's had too much to drink or your little sister acting like a psychotic wench – it can be a stressful time.

We've rounded up the nine types of characters who will undoubtedly destroy any board game you decide to play over the Christmas period.

1. The shouter

The shouter proceeds to scream over everyone and ruin the game in every way possible. They will cause tensions to rise and drinks to be spilled.


2. The whiner


This person will moan every time he/she doesn't get their way. Normally they're younger members of the family and they're generally shit craic.


3. The sore loser

It's almost better to let this person win, as beating them will result in them bringing up every bad thing you've done in the past five years.


4. The drunk


Your aunty Maureen probably had too many glasses of Sauvingon blanc and is now slurring her words while shouting, 'but I thought I won I got out of jail for free, this is a load of SHITE'.


5. The cheater

Storing a few extra cards up their sleeve, peeking at people's score cards, the cheater will do everything possible to win.


6. The slow poke


This person will take 75 years to make a move or decision at every round and will destroy your soul in the process.


7. The control freak

This person will be the nominated announcer of who's turn it is, where you should be sitting, what you should be doing, where you should go to college, what colour toothbrush you should have and most importantly who you're going to marry.


8. The bored person


There's always a teenager who would rather be Snapchatting their friends than playing a board game. As a result they won't take the game seriously and draw pleasure from seeing everyone losing it.


9. Finally...the angry person

If they miss a go, if you beat them, if they think you've cheated – get ready to feel their wrath.



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Ciara Finnegan

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