13 Of The Best Paddy's Day Costumes You Need To See To Believe

13 Of The Best Paddy's Day Costumes You Need To See To Believe

Paddy's day is that time of year when we have to block our ears from hearing the word Patty repeated over and over again by American tourists. Thankfully, the day is also full of funny, bizarre and original costumes that the good people of this world have spent ages creating. The best paddy's day costumes can make or break the day. Here's just a taster of what you can expect this St. Patrick's Day:

1). Double acts don't come any better than this


2).'Cause even Patty,I mean, Paddy's day has to be political right?

3). The St. Patricks Day version of Fleetwood Mac

4). Oh look! It's Elton John and friends!



5). The envy of all his mates


6). If you can't decide on a pattern you have the choice of two

7). A little something for all you feline lovers


8). If you're feeling spiritual this might be the thing for you #makesandalsgreatagain

9). "I'm absolutely langered like!" - T. Rex owning the sesh.

10). The girl on the right didn't get the memo about dressing up

10). Star Wars meets St. Patrick's Day...


11).  'Cause nasty girls aren't just for Christmas

12). Definitely the cutest...

13). But this dog understands life




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