Pictures: Highlights From St Patrick's Day Celebrations Across The World

Pictures: Highlights From St Patrick's Day Celebrations Across The World

As the majority of the country nurse a sore head this morning, we'll take a look at some of the highlights of yesterdays St. Patrick's Day Celebration across the globe.

The award for the best float has to go to Cavan. On March 10th of this year, an ATM was stolen from the main street using digger, this float was a recreation of that scene.

Some other floats used their creativity to communicate a political message like this float from North County Macra in Dublin



Across the pond, Conor McGregor led the Boston parade in what he is describing as the "wildest Paddy’s week I have ever had in my life!". McGregor was there to promote his new brand of whiskey Proper Twelve Irish Whiskey.

Following this, McGregor's training partner Dillion Danis made headlines for drinking an entire 70 cl bottle of whiskey in just 30 seconds. Don't try this at home. It would have been good to also show the repercussions of this for more realism, like Dillion vomiting into a sink moments later.


Buildings and landmarks were lit up green to mark the occasion.

And, finally the biggest highlight, the crowds. People came out in full force for the celebration of all things Irish. More than half a million people packed out Dublin city centre for this year's parade.

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Deirdre Kelly

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