The Best Twitter Reactions To The Show Formerly Known As Love Island

The Best Twitter Reactions To The Show Formerly Known As Love Island

Let's face it, it's 'The Maura Higgins Show' now. Each night we tune in to see what fresh madness the Ballymahon native has come up with. Where Maura goes, drama follows and you can bet your Granny on it that every night she is the top trending Islander on Twitter. Here are some of our top picks of best reactions from Twitter.

On Maura's 'sexual appetite'

From Tommy to Tom, Maura needs to calm down, take a cold shower.


On Maura and her hypocrisy in using 'Girl Code'

Applying 'girl code' when it's convenient for her was rather amusing.


On Yewande, the most relatable Islander

For most girls watching Yewande is the most relatable although we all have a bit of Maura in us, that's usually unleased after a naggin of vodka. Yewande has chased after boys and been hurt in the past. It's clear looking in from the outside that she's self-sabotaging her relationship with Danny because she is afraid of being vulnerable and letting her guard down. Or who knows, maybe she's right to veer on the side of caution, Danny does seem too good to be true and the show is Love Island after all.


On Anna being a supportive friend

Through all the mean girl drama, it's uplifting to see supportive female friendships.

On Joe leaving the villa

Just before Caroline Flack turned the corner to announce who was voted by the public to leave the villa, Joe redeemed himself. He apologised to Lucie for telling her that he was uncomfortable with her friendship with Tommy and that she should socialise with the girls more. Watching this exchange viewers at home knew this couple would be ripped apart. It was slightly unsettling playing God with peoples emotions like that.


On Elma leaving the villa

Again, it relates back to the star of the show, Maura.

The drama from 'The Maura Higgins Show' Love Island continues tonight.

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