Beyoncé's Favourite To Star In Disney's Live Action Remake Of The Lion King

Beyoncé's Favourite To Star In Disney's Live Action Remake Of The Lion King

Beyoncé is the reigning champion of the music world but the animal kingdom could be next to bow down. If you've been sleeping under a rock the last couple of months then you've missed the news that the animated classic The Lion King is being remade. The film will follow in the foot steps of  Alice in WonderlandThe Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella and Maleficent and continue Disney's latest trend of turning animated animated classics into live action cinema.

According to Variety Beyonce has not yet signed on for the voice-acting role. Director Jon Favreau, who also directed The Jungle Book and its upcoming sequel, and the studio are reportedly willing to work around her schedule as the singer is pregnant with twins. Donald Glover (Childish Gambino), singer, actor and comedian, has signed on to play Simba and James Earl Jones, the original Mufasa, will be returning as the live action Mufasa. Favreau announced Glover as Simba over on his Twitter.


Although Queen B's heavily pregnant the part is vocal orientated which means her vocal prowess would add serious appeal to the voice of Nala and the potential soundtrack that comes with the movie. This isn't Beyoncé's first time acting as she has appeared in films such as Cadillac Records, Austin Powers in Gold MemberDream Girls and Obsessed. Lets hope this happens 'cause I'm feeling like without someone like Beyoncé, who at this stage is the King but we'll settle for Nala, the film could suffer.

You've aimed your sights high Mr. Favreau and we want only the best for the Disney classic remake.



Who else do you think could play Nala?



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