Netflix Release Trailer For The Highly Anticipated Beyoncé Documentary

Netflix Release Trailer For The Highly Anticipated Beyoncé Documentary

Many people have been speculating that Netflix dropped a teaser for a brand new Beyoncé documentary that will be released on April 17th.

Why? You ask. Well, Netflix posted to their social media a yellow background picture with the word 'Homecoming' written on it in black letters, with a few swapped for greek letters.

This attracted the attention of many Bey fans, and they began their investigative mission, figuring out the links between this post and Beyoncé. Sure enough, they graced us with reasoning and now I'm completely convinced this is going to be the next best documentary Netflix have blessed us with.

Now, let me explain the logic behind the madness. There are a few good reasons why people are convinced this post is about Bey.

  1. 'Homecoming'


Homecoming is the name of Beyoncé's fashion collection that she's been seen to wear on stage, including last year at Coachella, where she made history being the first woman of colour to headline the festival.

2. Greek Letters.

Her brand 'Homecoming' also features greek letters and yellow hoodies in their clothing and brand name. At the Coachella performance mentioned above, she wore a yellow hoodie with the Greek letters Beta Delta Kappa. The hoodie was a reference to the Divine Nine, the five African American fraternities and four sororities.

3. She also has a 'Homecoming' Scholars award programme.

Bey set up this scholars award programme which provides four historically black colleges with $25,000 scholarship to be awarded to one student of their choice.

They were all right, as Netflix have dropped the trailer for their Beyoncé documentary today, that will an in-depth look at the build-up to her infamous performance at Coachella(also known as Beychella) last year.


Reviews have described it as:

'An education in black expression' - The New Yorker

'Her triumphant return' - Rolling Stone

Twitter users are claiming it will 'break Netflix'.


You can watch the trailer here:

The documentary is set to be released next week, Wednesday the 17th of April. Thank you, Netflix!

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