The Greatest Meme of 2017 Is Here And The Star Is Beyoncé Feat. Menu

The Greatest Meme of 2017 Is Here And The Star Is Beyoncé Feat. Menu

Bow down to Ms Knowles/Carter who just broke the internet with this meme. Twitter was on fire last night after Beyoncé, attending a bday bash for record executive Lenny Santiago, took some serious photos. Beyoncé posted a series of photos over on her Instagram in a stunning red gown, braids and with her baby bump in tow. What came to fruition was a Beyoncé meme the world didn't know it needed:

Beyoncé knows what she wants when she wants it

Vegan water could actually be a thing...

The waitress knows this moment is irreplaceable

I wonder did Beyoncé sing her a song

Some people can never work out their 10% of the bill

"Do we tip? Is service included? Should I leave 20%? - Beyoncé is just like us little people really.


Let us change the word Lemonade to Beyoncé-ade

Actually, the entire dictionary should have words inspired by Beyoncé and not just bootylicious.


Even Blue had to work out her portion of the bill

Blue won't be living off Mammy and Daddy's pay cheque, unlike some #notnoshade


Thanks for making our day Queen B!



h/t: DailyEdge


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