Billie Eilish's Fans Jump To Her Defence Following Derogatory Comment

Billie Eilish's Fans Jump To Her Defence Following Derogatory Comment

Billie Eilish is the biggest rising star of 2019. The 17-year-old singer took the music industry by storm with her debut album 'When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go?' released back in March. She is being hailed as the new face of pop, a title she is not comfortable. In a recent interview with Vogue Australia when asked about being crowned the new face of pop, she explained:

The weird thing about humans is we [think we] have to label everything, but we don’t

A hit with critics, she has also got the ultimate seal of approval from non-other than rock legend, Dave Grohl.  Grohl compared Billie Eilish to his former band Nirvana, describing her connection with the crowd as “authentic” and “rock n roll”.

 When I look at someone like Billie Eilish, I’m like…shit man….rock n roll is not even close to being dead

Compliments don't come any bigger than that. Billie Eilish's unique sound and sense of style have made her a hit with fans of all ages. Every day we see examples of the love the fans have for the talented musician on social media.

The most recent incident, Billie posed for a picture with a fan, the image was shared along with a caption "Billie Eilish is THICK". According to Dictionary.com, the term "thick" is used to describe a woman's attractiveness due to their "voluptuous or curvaceous figure".


Fans were quick to jump to the singer's defence with many pointing out that she is only 17 years old and such comments are just plain creepy.

Other Twitter users highlighted that such derogatory comments are exactly why she decides to wear baggy clothing. Last month, Billie Eilish appeared in a campaign for Calvin Klein where she explained why she chooses to wear baggy clothing.



It's fantastic to see the love out there for singer/songwriter. One of the biggest parts of her appeal is she has co-written and produced all her music with her brother, Finneas, in his bedroom. For anyone that was lucky enough to secure a ticket, Billie Eilish will be playing Electric Picnic this Summer.

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