BoJack and Todd's Top Tips for Surviving University

BoJack Horseman is officially Netflix’s funniest series yet. Perfect for those days that you really meant to go to your lecture but it was just too cold outside, this sarcastic animated comedy goes very well with pizza and beer. BoJack and Todd have kindly taken some time out to tell College Times readers their Top Tips for Surviving University.


BoJack: The best way to survive university is to live in a country that isn’t full of crazy gunmen, so you already got that going for you.


Todd: Hello, Irish youths! Try to get a part time job, like detective, or wizard, or chimney sweep – whatever Irish people do for money.




BoJack: Don’t waste your time studying. Pretty much every book has been made into a movie - many featuring Keira Knightley!


Todd: If you’re going to show up at a party, be thoughtful and bring alcohol. You can just grab some from the last party you were at.




BoJack: You can save money by stealing other people’s wifi to read articles like these.


Todd: Take advantage of student loans. It’s free money that you’ll never have to pay back!



Todd: If you’re ever too drunk to drive, be safe and sleep on the couch. If you want to be really safe, you can sleep on the couch for five years.



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