Bookstagram Accounts Every College Girl Needs To Follow

Instagram is without a doubt an imperative for beauty lovers, photography wizzes, fashionistas and food fanatics, but did you know it's also a bookworms' dream come true? With hashtags like #Bookstagram, #Currentlyreading and #Igreads, book lovers can unite in one place to share recommendations, post honest reviews, and most of all give us all some lush photos to drool over. I've gathered up 9 accounts that'll have you sprinting to your local bookstore to stock up on some stunning reads, (and maybe a coffee to go for those oh so enviable shots).

1. @Crimeofrhyme

2. @Seelieknight

3. @Perpetualpages


4. @Awkwardbiblio

5. @Benjaminoftomes




6. @Bookvibes


8. @Bookbaristas

9. @Zibareads

Aisling Ebbitt

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