7 Questions From 'The Chase' That Made Bradley Walsh Lose It

7 Questions From 'The Chase' That Made Bradley Walsh Lose It

Who can actually keep it together when they hear a sexual innuendo? We know we can't, especially when we hear someone like Bradley Walsh laughing.

The Chase is known for its brutal judges and tough questions but the host of the show is one absolute gent. Bradley Walsh is arguably one of the best game show hosts of all time. He's genuine, good with the banter and his hysterical laughter is infectious.

You just never know when he's going to lose it. Here are seven of the questions that made Bradley lose it altogether and had us laughing along with him:

'Fanny Chmelar'

An Olympic Skier that competed for Germany in the 2010 Winter Olympics.


'Gobbler's Knob'

Gobbler's Knob is a known as the weather capital of the world.

'Cock's Hairbrush'

It's also called a cock's comb.


'Dick Tingler'

Is a name for someone who scratches their bits a lot.


'Whiskey Dick'

A 'Whiskey Dick' is a real mountain in Washington.

'Lord Hereford's Knob'

The mountain tip gives you a lovely view of the Herefordshire countryside.


'Cock Shot & Beaver'

Definitely sounds like a drinking game.

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