Breaking Bad Finale: What To Expect

The Final Season approaches and one article just isn't enough- (by the way, to read our top ten moments, click here)- yes, we also need to have a brief look at what to expect from the most bombastic, cutting-edge TV series of a generation. Without further ado then, let's look at what should logically follow in Season 5 Part 2; what will reward the people who have been there since 2008 when Walt jumped out of an RV with a shirt and underwear, holding a gun against the glaring sun of the New Mexican desert. Beware now, if you haven't watched up until the end of Season 5 Part 1, there may be spoilers- so look away.

Before we begin, in case you've forgotten parts of the series- here's a helpful 9 minute video that summarises it all:

The Lily of the Valley Scenario

One of my favourite parts of the last season was when Walt stared Brock in the face and an understanding passed between them. At the end of Season 4, it was revealed that Walt poisoned the kid in order to manipulate Jesse's feelings against Gus. This was accomplished but can Walt's greatest crime just go unrecognised. I think any fan would agree that it would be pretty awful if the door was closed on this scenario and since a strain has already begun to develop between Walt and Jesse, it would logically follow that Jesse discovers this misdeed at some point.

Hank & Walt Showdown

I'm not saying it has to be a big shootout but there has to be some sort of confrontation. Hank discovered at the end of the last season (half) that W.W. stood for Walter White in the book Gale had given as a present. While some fans felt this was a leap, it was nevertheless a major point for us to reflect on. Will Hank turn his own brother-in-law in? Will he fight him? Will he perhaps give him fair warning? If I had to guess, I woul say that Walt finds out his brother-in-law knows (somehow) and decides to go on the run. This would explain why, at the beginning of Season 5, he looks dishevelled and ready for some final type of battle. There are eight episodes however and as Vince Gilligan and co. have proved in the past (albeit Season 3's "The Fly")- a lot can happen in such a time.


Walt Jr. & Skyler

What exactly is happening with these lay-abouts? We already know that Skyler has become depressive and fearful of her husband but the family seemed to have moved on before Hank's revelation at the end of the last Season (bloody half). So now there's going to be some twists and turns and if they want to bring a satisfying conclusion to the show, they will need to decide on some sort of fate for these two. Now, I know a lot of people would like Skyler to die but wouldn't it be better if Walt Jr. became addicted to meth, forcing his father to see the error of his ways (whilst Skyler dies)? Indeed, it has been revealed by R.J. Mitt that his character will experience a lot of change, so that's something...

Meth Cooking?

This is what Heisenberg does so it would follow that he does more of it. Having said that however, there may not be enough time to get the apparatus out again because a lot of other ground needs to be covered. Hank will be sniffing about so it won't be easy.

The Big C

Will Walt's cancer return? He had recovered from the first threat of it but cancer can unfortunately return and giving the nature of this show, probably will. Indeed, Season 5 seems to be twirling towards some manic type of conclusion in which every issue is resolved. The question will be whether nature will take its course or whether Walt will go down in a blaze of glory?


Someone has to die, right? Do many? Personally, I've never cared much for that Lydia but her death, I don't think, would be satisfying enough for the fans who have troiled through so many episodes. It's anyone's guess here, so comment below and give your thoughts on what you think we should look out for in the final eight!


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