Breaking Bad S5 Ep15 Recap

Granite State


It is the penultimate episode before what looks to be the most anticipated finale to a TV series ever! A strange episode by the show's standards, this one bridges the gap between the bald Walter we know and love and the bearded/haired one we first met back in the summer of 2012 during the first episode of this long season.

The episode starts with Saul getting his luggage together because like Walt, he is now known across the nation. He refuses to be Walt's fugitive comrade however and even suggests Walt turn himself in. Walt, a national monster by this point, doesn't care so much for that idea and is merely thinking of getting a hit on Uncle Jack and his crew. He wants his money back and though Saul insists he can't the money to his family because of the police, he is nonetheless determined to try.

Meanwhile, Jesse's confession tape has been taken by Uncle Jack and co. They think about killing Jesse when they view him ratting about Todd killing Drew Sharpe but Todd insists on keeping Jesse because of the increased purity in the meth being made. He also has a crush on Lydia- bless him! Inappropriate romantic feelings aside, things grow tense again when Jesse manages to escape using a pin he found on the picture of Andrea and Brock which they were threatening him with. He doesn't get far and for his punishment, he has to watch Andrea being shot dead. Brock is left alive but for how long?

Skyler, like Andrea, also got an unexpected visit from Todd (balaclava'd up). He simply warns her to not mention Lydia (who visited the car wash) to the police. Skyler agrees and cries over baby Holly, not desiring another visit from that lot!


Walt has been relocated to New Hampshire and his contact with the outer world is cut off. He grows his hair during this time and presumably watches Mr Magorium's Wonder Empire, a DVD he has been left with. He asks Saul's guy on one visit whether he would bring the money he has to his family if he died to which the man replies "if I said 'yes' would you believe me?" Walt is also told that Skyler has moved out of the house which has become a public den that is fenced off (remember episode 8?). Walt decides to risk a visit to the village and gets a woman to call his old school as Marie- he then speaks to Walt Jr. and offers to send 100k to his friend's house. Walt Jr. goes apeshit though and hurls abuse at his father. Forlorn as he is desperate, Walt phones the police and simply gives his name before sitting down for a drink at the bar he's gone to.

Remember Elliott and Gretchen Schwartz from the first season? They're on the TV, discussing how Walt only contributed towards the name of their company. Walt watches, enraged as he hasn't been for awhile now. The police raid the bar but a shot of his abandoned drink suggests that Walt's not ready to give up yet!

And that's that! With only one episode to go, I'm sure every Breaking Bad fan will be waiting in anticipation. We know Walt gets a gun. We know he gets the ricin. We know he wants revenge on Uncle Jack and co. We know Jesse is still alive. And finally, we know that there will be some sort of showdown! But of what sort? It's anyone's prediction at this point, so comment below what you think lies in store.


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