Breaking Bad S5 Pt 2 Ep 4 Re-Cap


"Rabid Dog"

Walt's house has been doused with fuel by the enraged Jesse who has just put the pieces together. Walt poisoned Brock and now Jesse's about to get his revenge but wait-! Where has he gone?

Walt, armed with a gun, poised to shoot, finds that the container has been left with nobody to set it alight. He realises Jesse must have changed his mind and quickly gets Saul's men on the look-out for his once-co.-cook. He tells Skyler and Walt Jr. that the pump wasn't working correctly at the gas station and he soaked himself in fuel, leading to the smell (his clothes carelessly being thrown on the carpet). Just to be cautious, he advises they should stay at a swanky hotel for a bit. Skyler's afraid- she wants Walt to deal with the problem. After all they've done, what is one more kill (after all)? Even Saul suggests that this is the best course of action.


Jesse is stopped by noneother than the chief of the DEA, Hank Schrader, who has been tracking the man he questioned last episode. He advises Jesse to abandon his plan and brings him home. Jesse confesses all that Walt has done to the camera and Hank devises a new plan, upon hearing a voicemail from Walt, pleading for Jesse to meet up with him. Jesse is afraid that this is a trap but Hank is adamant that this is the best way to corner Walt in, for the evidence they so desperately crave. He doesn't really care about the "kid's" welfare anyways.

Wired up (but not like in the old days), Jesse sets out to meet with Walt. He decides to not walk any further when he sees a tall and intimidating man scanning the crowd for someone. As it turns out, this is just a father looking for his daughter. Jesse has other plans, nonetheless. Using a pay-phone, he rings Walt and tells him that next time, he's going to get him "where [he] really lives." He hangs up and argues with a furious Hank that he has a better strategy. Walt, later on, rings Todd and says that he has another job for his uncle!

And once again, we are left wondering what will transpire. When will Walt and Jesse confront each other? What did Walt mean when he rang Todd (even though it's obvious)? Will Marie finally do something with her life? Will Walt Jr.'s hotel breakfast equal the satisfaction he gets from his usual home do? When does Walt grow all that hair back? Only time will tell.


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