Breaking Bad S5 Pt 2 Ep3 Recap



Things are gearing up once again after a rather tame second episode. So, to begin with, it is agreed between Todd and his men that he will be the cook after the hiccup that occurred with the last gang (see previous episode). That aside, things become interesting.

Hank interrogates Jesse (off the record) and gets nothing out of the muted man. Saul shows up and questions Jesse on why he is behaving so strangely. In the desert, Walt advises Jesse to leave town and seek a new identity, using Saul's men. It's the same path that Walt once pondered in Season 4. Jesse, at first, wants Walt to be straight and honest with him but begins sobbing when they hug (in creepy Voldemort-Draco fashion).


At home, Walt Jr. is stopped from going over to Marie's when his father reveals to him the reoccurrence of his cancer. He does not want his son to be taken. He and Skyler then meet up with Hank and Marie and ask them to leave the kids "out of this." Hank is given a disc in which Walt has recorded a confession. It is basically blackmail which pits Hank as the drug-lord through his DEA connections. Hank learns Marie accepted "drug money" rather than "gambling money" to help pay for his medical bills and is now worried. Walt says he will most likely be dead by the time the confession is found and reveals how scared he was of Hank.

Jesse is ready to leave town when he notes his marijuana has been taken. Huell, Saul's worker, could just as easily have nicked the ricin too, he realises. Abandoning the plan to get a new life, he goes back to Saul's office and in a rage, assaults him. Holding the gun up in hysteria, he concludes (in something of a leap) that Walt poisoned Brock. Saul did not know Walt's intentions but admits Huell took the ricin. Jesse departs as Saul frantically calls Walt. Casually, Heisenberg retrieves a gun from a vending machine. As this is happening though, Jesse is pouring fuel on the floor of Walt's house!!!

And that's all for now. Please let us know what you thought of the episode. Was Jesse's understanding just a bit too sudden? Will they meet in a showdown soon? Will Hank be able to act against Walt now that the man he's been chasing can turn things around? Comment below.

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