Breaking Bad S5 Pt 2 Episode 2 Recap

"Buried"- SPOILERS

Well, after the end of the last episode, it was perhaps a bit too much to expect anything grand. There are still six episodes to go after this, so Vince Gilligan and co. will want to pace themselves. Nevertheless, this is by no means an episode like "The Fly" and the tension, already so thickened, has gotten another layer of icing.

Remember that scene from Season 5 Part 1? Well, the money's being moved because the Whites have to be on top of things this episode! After Hank discovers Heisenberg's true identity- he loses no time in speaking with Skyler. Marie then confirms that Skyler has known since before her husband was shot, all those episodes ago, back in Season 3. Skyler will not speak but Walt can't be sure of that. He quickly disables his phone, at the insistence of Saul, in order to make sure he can't be traced and then buries the cash (above) in the desert. Pretty, pretty clever...

Okay, onto the Lydia part... The arrangements Walt had made with Declan and his unmemorable man last season, does not satisfy her as the product is not up to demand. She gets Todd and his men to kill them all basically after she asks Declan to take him on as a cook (Declan refuses).


Skyler and Walt meet up when he returns from the desert and writes down the co-ordinates of his treasure. She thinks he should stick to his story despite the problematic environment developing. Meanwhile, Marie believes Hank should do his duty but to do so, Hank reckons, would mean the end of his career. He has after all, spent the last year, chasing his own brother-in-law. There is a new lead in this case however as old nemesis, Jesse Pinkman, has been brought in, after throwing all his money out on the streets. Hank decides to go in and question him and-

Till next time, I'm afraid...
But here's a little preview to get you ready:

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